Monday, July 8, 2013

hexies, ripple goodness, and a peak

Happy Monday Sweet Friends!!
It is so good to be back and I have missed you all! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and for those in the states, had a lovely 4th of July! This summer seems to be flying by already, and the heat has definitely not been shy. We were lucky to have a cooler weekend, and are hoping it stays! 
I recently finished two more hexie flowers for my quilt and these both remind of summertime of picnics and homemade ice cream! 
But, I am a little partial to the mint and strawberries, as I love the color mint and sweet strawberries! 
And, these are all of them together! I still haven't decided if I should make 12 or 16. I am kinda leaning 16, to make it a little bit bigger and because I have some more fabrics I would like to use, or just keep it smaller at 12, since I still need to do all the white hexagons in between. 
They each measure about 10 by 10 inches, and I am actually curious if anyone has a vintage Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt to know how big the hexie flowers are in the vintage ones? So, for now I am going to do two more, and go from there.  
I have finally finished all the first rows of colors that I planned to do for the ripple blanket, and love how it is already looking, and I like the creamy white in between the colors!
Now, I need to start repeating the colors until I reach a good length for a lap sized blanket, which will have to wait for those cooler days. 
And, now for a little peak at my new kitchen vintage inspired embroidery line! These are the two samples I made, so hope you like them!! There will be pot holders and flour sack tea towels with vintage embroidery patterns of sweet animals, and maybe more to come!
And, of course the tea towels wouldn't be complete with out a pretty scalloped edging! My favorite! ;) 
The pot holders will all have a sweet gingham binding to match the color of the fabrics with some hand stitching for a sweet handmade touch! 
So, what do you think? I was trying to go for simple vintage style embroidered tea towels and pot holders, but I truly have a hard time keeping anything simple! I am happy with how they turned out, though! ;) 
I will be working away and hope to be able to have everything ready for the shoppe early next week, along with some pillow covers and a couple more clothespin bags. So, it will definitely a busy week, but it is good to be creating again! I have some treasures to share with you that I will post later in the week, too. What sweetness will you be working on or doing this week!! I look forward to catching up with all that you have been up to and creating!
Thank you again for your continued prayers and love!! My husband is still on the mend and making good progress in his health everyday! We have so much to be thankful for!

Wishing you all a most lovely and creative week!! 


  1. happy to hear good news for your husband!!!
    All your work is beautiful!!!
    Enjoy a happy week my dear, xxxx Ale

  2. I love everything on this post.
    Those patchwork pieces look really hard, but the pot holder is so cute that I think I'm going to make some tomorrow :) I have a new embroidery machine and I'm looking for ideas. Thank you for sharing, I love the retro feel to all of your projects.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Ooh I do so LOVE those hexies...and those ripples...and those dear sweet stitched goodies!
    Glad to hear that hubby is on the mend,
    Love & hugs

  4. good morning Heather! LOVing the sweetest little tea towel with the baking kitten. Just darling!
    so much cuteness!
    have a lovely day

  5. Lovely to have you back Heather! All your current 'makes' look really fantastic, and wonderful to hear your husband is making strives every day. I wish you all well x

  6. If you were aiming for simple vintage, you hit a bullseye! So cute!!

  7. Oh Heather, you do such a beautiful job! Your hexagon flowers are absolutely beautiful and I really like the colors that you have used. I have always wanted to make these flowers but have yet to try...maybe someday :) And the scalloped edging on the tea towel is the perfect finishing touch - so delicate and feminine.

    Have a delightful week! Hugs to you.

  8. I think they are lovely, who needs simple anyway!! Love you blanket too :) x

  9. Good morning, Heather! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear the good report on your husband! All your creations are so beautiful, they take my breath away! I SO admire your quilting skills and the fabrics you use are adorable! Your new line of kitchen items are squeal worthy! The afghan is coming along beautifully! I will wish you a most lovely and peace filled day! Love, Twyla

  10. Oh Heather. Such sweet embroidery! I have a vintage flower garden. I'll try to e- mail you a pic if you like ; )

  11. So many beautiful things Heather, and your embroideries are so lovely I think they must be my favourites, although that's against some tough competition!

    S x

  12. Heather all your makes are sooo gorgeous!!! Love them all! Your new hexis are just darling, that will make a beautiful quilt! Grandmother's Flower Garden has to be one of my favorites! Your blanket is coming along nicely for you! That will be great to snuggle up in, in the fall! :) AND Oh my, do I love your new line!!! I don't think they could get any cuter!! Your work is just beautiful, and you're such an inspiration! :) Wishing you a lovely week!! xo Holly

  13. All of your projects are absolutely beautiful Heather! I love the hexies and the ripple balnket is going to be stunning! The vintage embroidery is darling! Have a great day! jan@

  14. SO adorable....I am in love with that puppy! This new line is going to be a hit! xox

  15. Your talents never cease to amaze. That blanket is so cozy and your vintage embroidery is just too cute.

  16. Your work is amazing Heather! They couldn't be any sweeter!
    So happy to hear that your husband is ok!
    Erica :)

  17. I'm so glad to hear that Hubs is on the mend! And, I LOVE the vintage kitchen items!!! Oh, Heather, you have outdone yourself!

  18. Squeel!! My heart goes thumpa thumpa!! Heather, just how do you always have just the right touch? Everything looks absolutely perfect!! Just right. So happy your hubby is doing well. Can't wait to visit your shoppe.

  19. Such sweet colours in this post, and sweet news that your husband is healing x

  20. Heather I love all your work. I really don't know how you have the time to do all the lovely projects that you do. Amazing!


  21. Happy to hear that your husband is getting better! And your latest projects, as usual, are EXQUISITE!! :) --Fran

  22. So glad to hear your hubby continues to get better! Wow, whenever I read your posts, I'm always amazed by your talent and creativity. Love your quilt hexies, and the towel and potholders are so adorable!

  23. Heather, what an adorable line! I love the hand work. Your stitches are beautiful! You are going to laugh when I tell you the size of the hexies in my vintage G-Ma's flower garden quilt, they are each just under 1". It is not a full size quilt but a doll quilt. I will have to blog about it one day. It is so tiny. I can just imagine a grandma making this for her granddaughter. Such wonderful news about your husband! Thank you so much for keeping us informed! Have a wonderful night, Holly

  24. Oh gosh my dear I do not know where to start. Everything in all vintage goodness is sooo cute. You do amazing work.

  25. Hi Heather! So glad to hear your husband is getting better! I love that quilt design and I'll bet those little tiny pieces take a while to put together. I admire you. The little embroidered pieces are just darling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  26. this is just a beautiful post, heather! everything looks so good. the pot holder and tea towel are perfect. you've definitely achieved a very sweet, simple vintage style with them.

  27. Heather, you are SO talented! I love all of the beautiful things you create ~ they make me smile:)

  28. All of your work is lovely, but I just LOVE those embroidered potholders and tea towels!
    And I'm glad to hear your hubby is doing better! :-)

  29. I love your the new embroidery projects! So cute!

  30. Hello lovely Heather, so enjoyed seeing all your lovely creations. Well done you for creating such very beautiful kitchen things. I have to add here that you are putting mine to shame. I am currently working on tea towels, pillowcases and a variety of other items for my little Christmas market, but when I see yours, gulp! I love your ripple, the colours you have chosen work so well together. Now for your hexies, they are looking amazing and I can see why you like the mint and pink together, these colours just work. I have just started a new blanket and interestingly I am also leaning towards the mints and the pinks, it must be this lovely weather. I am very pleased to hear that your husband is making progress, and our wishes are for continued improvement. Happy crafting to you lovely Heather xoxo

  31. Every time I see your work, I think my mouth is always hanging open as I look at the computer....I'm so in awe of your skills and creative talent! I really want to learn hexie piecing, but I'm kind of afraid it will be beyond my skills. I love your crochet edging on the new kitchen towels and the potholder is adorable!
    So happy to hear your husband is doing well!
    Looking forward to browsing your shop soon :)

  32. LOVE your new creations! Potholders and tea towels...DARLING!SWEET! CUTE!!!
    Happy to hear your hubby is better!

  33. Dear Heather, I'm glad your husband's health is improving. I hope he will soon recover completely.

    And yes, I agree: Mint + strawberries = good combination indeed!

    All best, Haafner

  34. Lovely new things, Heather! Your hexies are so pretty, and your ripple is coming along very fast and looking lovely! I always love the embroidered and patchwork pot holders you make, they have your own special style and are so sweet. I'm very glad to hear that your husband is on the mend and send him lots of healing wishes.
    Helen x

  35. Heather, your work is just adorable and I cannot believe how fast you are able to make such perfect handwork. You are a talent!

  36. Welcome back !! Glad to hear of the good news on your husband! Everything looks so lovely . Your designs are fabulous!!!

    Be well,

  37. All of your things are so lovely. The mint fabric with the strawberries really is darling!!

    I am so happy to hear your hubby is doing better. Keep loving that man of yours! He is a gift from God.

  38. Just adorable! You do such great work, Heather! I don't have a vintage hexie quilt but I've been working off and on with a little doll quilt ... those hexies in between take forever! (And are not quite as satisfying as the motifs ... but I do like seeing them all together. Good luck!)

  39. I love all of it Heather. I wish I had more time, I want to make one of each! Hope you are well. I'll eventually get to posting again. Hugs, Julie

  40. Heather!!!! Can I please order that towel and the pot holder......I will wait patiently

  41. I love all of your pieces what I was asking for next is the kitty bake tea towel in those colors in this post if possible :)


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