Friday, May 25, 2012

rip van winkle

This Friday's book is a classic Rip Van Winkle adapted from Washington Irving's Legend by Dorothy Bell Briggs and illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf, and published in 1962.
I adore all the sweet faces, especially the little girl and boy!
What a friend indeed Rip was!! But, his wife wasn't too happy about him not tending to their houses needs! So, he went off into the woods to walk his anger off. Isn't the little girls outfit so cute! 
Lovin' the long beard on the fellow carry the keg with apple juice, right? This is a children's book. ;)
Bowling in the forest sounds fun!! Love the little yellow bird, and all the colorful socks! 
Strike!! Look at the fellow doing his cute dance! 
Rip fell asleep, and when he awoke up he wondered what he would tell his wife for being away all night! Oh, my! 
Rip had slept for twenty tears, and had no idea! Imagine that! I see a sweet bunny hiding behind a tree! 
Rip couldn't find his dog, so he headed for town, and he was quite the sight!
Rip asked around, "Does nobody know Rip Van Winkle?", but no one knew who he was until a sweet old lady came to his side. 
So, Rip told his story, and whenever the thunder rolls, the sweet children would say, "that the little men are up in the mountains bowling."

Love this precious illustration, and her cute dress! Such a sweet version of this classic! Hope you have a wonderful Friday, and Memorial Day weekend!!

Join me for this Friday's Lil'Vintage Story Books with the most lovely Corey.  


  1. Ah...bowling. That is what put me on the couch with my scared big bulldog all night long. I must remember to tell this to my kiddos. This is darling and the bright red noses are too sweet. Smiles...Renee

  2. Oh my hair looks as bad as Rip's today...such cute illustrations! Off to Scout Homemade & Vintage Market...wish you where selling here!

  3. Squeal! I know we had this book growing up. I adore Rip Van Winkle's shaggy beard. I need to comb through my old books at my parents house.

  4. Cute! Haven't seen that story in a long time!

  5. Love this book!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  6. This book has great illustrations! Don't you just love 'the classics'?? Have a great weekend!


  7. Good Old Rand McNally's...they just don't come any cuter!

  8. Love the story of the men bowling- I haven't heard that one before! And yes, the little girl's clothes are the cutest! As are the little old men with their beards!

  9. What a cute little vintage story, love the pictures :) xo Holly Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  10. Where do you keep finding these adorable books? So cute!

    May is the busiest month for teachers and for mothers of 5th graders! I am trying to catch up with all your fun goings on and I have that same little triple tray, only mine is still silver! Never thought of painting it, but not I just might have to. It's very cool up here today but it's supposed to warm up. Actually it's a perfect day to work in the yard.

  11. I have a book from this era. I think it's called "a child's garden of verses". It was my dad's as a kid. Blessings : )

  12. What a fabulous book - I love old children's books.

    Nina xxx


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