Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012


When I saw this sweet box at an estate sale with the precious girl and kitty, I was so excited that there might still be note cards inside!  

When I opened, there were no note cards. So sad.. but instead it was a small treasure chest of vintage sewing needles, hooks, and more!! I was still very excited for these, even though some of those cute note cards would have been fun!

These hooks were in there, but I have no idea what they are for. Do you know? Maybe cross stitch or crewel stitching? 

I found these beautiful cross stitch pieces folded in a drawer. I just love the two Christmas ones with the angels!! They're not finished, but they are still great pieces to create with! I could probably learn the pattern, and finish them. It doesn't seem to hard, but it with my luck, it will be! ;) 

I love the sweet words on this one!! I will have to frame this up!!

I love finding such pretty hand towels, and these were a great find!! The peach ones are a perfect canvas to work with, and I love the pair with the sweet pink embroidered flowers. 

But, my favorite was the pretty blue cross stitich flowers, with the embroidered vines on the side!! Of course, there was only one!! I can't wait to wash and hang these beauties in my bathroom!!

Hope that you have a lovely Friday!! Do you have any good treasure hunts or creative plans for the weekend?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

rose chair

I have a love for vintage chairs! I think I have more chairs, then tables or places to put them!! But, I just can't stop buying them! They just always call out to me and say, "take me home!!" 

Well, my sweet mother-in law bought me this beautiful rose chair from a thrift store last week. I have a dining set of similar chairs with the engraved rose, that I bought last year from the same shoppe. For those, I painted them black to match my vintage black drop leaf table, and reupholstered the cushions. I'll have to show a picture later. :)

So, for this sweet chair I decided to leave the finish, at least for now, and just reupholster the cushion. I love taking off the original cushion, and finding actual soft, cotton for the padding!! I know someone had changed the fabric already, so I was happy that they left the real cotton, underneath! 

And, now she has a pretty yellow rose fabric! This is one of my favorite prints from the talented Heather Bailey!! I bought it in every color scheme she had when it came out!! This was used at my wedding for a table topper. Each table had a different color, and print. Here's a wedding pic of our special bride and groom table !! 

photo taken by Sheri Wade Photography

Oh, yes, I also love mason jars!!

So, now I just need to find a sweet, little resting place for my new chair!! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

grannies and estate treasures

This Sunday was my 'granny sunday', and I was able to get some more grannies done!! Yay, for progress! I love choosing the fabric for them, because it gives me a good chance to go through my stash, and find fabrics I forgot about or hid for a special project! ;) I only have 18 more to go for the quilt top! I need a new quilt for my couch, so this will be perfect!

 I also made 2 more crocheted grannies, and I know have a total of 28. I am not really sure what my goal is, so I guess I'll just keep adding until I am happy with the size of the blanket. ;)

 This past Friday I went to an estate sale, and found a lot of great linens. These sweet bear claw  maple leaf quilt blocks were stashed in a drawer, just waiting for me! 

These were all sewn together by hand so neatly, and I just adore the sweet floral fabrics!!  

I am not sure what to make with them. Maybe just a mini wall quilt would be the best, since there is not the same number of each print. What would you do?

Oh, yes, more hankies!!! I love the ones with the crocheted edgings!! I still want to attempt to do this type of edging with the smaller yarn, but it is a little intimidating! And, look at the two hankies with small 'h's' ! I just love finding hankies with my initial!! So fun!

I just added this lovely vintage feedsack tote bag today in my shoppe!! 

How are you doing today? Hope your day is going wonderfully!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

lucky winner and new items

And the lucky winner of the vintage grey giveaway is Sweet Bee Cottage!! Yay!! I will be contacting you to get your address!! Congratulations!! 
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Oh, and if anyone knows how to get the True Random Number Generator widget to save results for a post, I would love to know how. It wouldn't work for me...of course!

 I have added some new items to my shoppe!! The sweet mini wall quilts, and some pretty vintage embroidery hoop art! I will be putting a few more tea towels, and a couple flea market totes by the middle of the week! 

Hope that you have a lovely Monday and week!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

mr. bear's house

Today's book is the sweet, Mr. Bear's House by Fenella Rothe, illustrated by Clare McKinley, and published in 1953. I just adore the precious illustrations of all the cute forest animals!!

This is a story about a fat brown bear, Mr. Bear, who wants his own house, after watching a carpenter work away on a new home! 

Mr. Bear decides to start collecting materials, to build his own house. I love his precious face!!

Here come all his sweet forest friends!! 

All of his forest friends were concerned about the noise he was making. So, they start to give him ideas of how they build their homes.

 The beavers suggested putting mud in the cracks of his new walls, so the wind wouldn't blow them down. So kind! ;)

Are these not the sweetest rabbits you have ever laid your eyes on!! 

I had to enlarge it for you, because they are just so precious with their rosy cheeks, and long eyelashes!! What a cute decal this would be!! 

The pretty birds come over to help him put a roof on his house! 

This is a fun illustration of the birds dropping the hay for Mr. Bear's new roof! I just love the little blue birds!!

Mr. Bear is so happy that his house really looked like a house!! The sweet rabbit told him that the rain could come in the windows, so he decides to ask the carpenter what he should do! 

Who has never met a sweet talking bear before.. silly carpenter! ;)

 The carpenter begins to tell Mr. Bear how to make a window.  The carpenter is amazed that Mr. Bear has his own home, and says he will help out the windows in!! Yay, for Mr. Bear!

 They take a sweet stroll through the forest to Mr. Bear's house. He is shocked, "Unbelievable!" he exclaimed. "Why, if I hadn't seen it myself, I would never have believed it." 

The carpenter agreed to do the windows for Mr. Bear, and was there the next morning to put them in! What a friendly and generous carpenter! 

Mr. Bear was almost finished with his new home. He needed to build some chairs and a table to make it complete. After it was all done, Mr. Bear threw a big party to celebrate!! "Ah, happy day!" sighed Mr. Bear." 

Such a cute and happy story!! Hope you have a lovely Friday night and weekend!!

Join me for this Friday's Lil'Vintage Story Books with the most lovely Corey.