Friday, June 13, 2014

diamond stars

 Happy Sweet Day!
Hope that you have had a lovely week! It has been a busy one for me stitching up lots of diamond stars! I finished this sweet blue and white one for a mini quilt that I am working on. I decided to just do a small one, since I still have my hexie flower one that I need to finish.
And, I just finished these patriotic star flour sack tea towels that will be going into the shoppe at the end of the month! I am also working on some star coasters and some more patriotic pretties, along with some summery strawberry and cherry items, too. So, if I get quite you know where I will be! ;)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and may you have a lovely time celebrating the sweet fathers in your life! xo


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a good weekend for treasures

 Happy sweet day to you!
I finished another pretty star, and am loving how quick they are to make compared to the hexies, but I still love making those, too!
 These sweet pinwheels arrived for my quilt from the lovely Kerri of Sew Deerly Loved!! Aren't they pretty!
 Well, it was such a good weekend for lots of sweet new treasures!! The two estate sales I went to were so reasonable with prices, which was such a nice change, and no tax! :)
I found some Christmas goodies, linens, a beautiful lace tablecloth, plastic roses, a darning kit, and...
 One sweet item that I was excited to find was this darling rose hankie wash bag, with this cute typed poem attached.
 My cute new puppy pillow all washed and bringing some charm to my home!
 The second estate sale I only went the second day for half-off and came home with these adorable quilt blocks. I just love the kitties!!
  Some Halloween goodies!
 Wooden checkers, honeycomb bells, crocheted books,buttons, cards, and some lovely blue and silver ornaments that will be great for 4th of July!
And, these beautiful bread doilies, and a neat cook book from 1925. So, I think I am good on treasures for the next month! 

Well, wishing you all a lovely and creative week! And, sorry if I haven't come by to visit with you. I plan to be catching up and seeing what you have been up to today!