Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a good weekend for treasures

 Happy sweet day to you!
I finished another pretty star, and am loving how quick they are to make compared to the hexies, but I still love making those, too!
 These sweet pinwheels arrived for my quilt from the lovely Kerri of Sew Deerly Loved!! Aren't they pretty!
 Well, it was such a good weekend for lots of sweet new treasures!! The two estate sales I went to were so reasonable with prices, which was such a nice change, and no tax! :)
I found some Christmas goodies, linens, a beautiful lace tablecloth, plastic roses, a darning kit, and...
 One sweet item that I was excited to find was this darling rose hankie wash bag, with this cute typed poem attached.
 My cute new puppy pillow all washed and bringing some charm to my home!
 The second estate sale I only went the second day for half-off and came home with these adorable quilt blocks. I just love the kitties!!
  Some Halloween goodies!
 Wooden checkers, honeycomb bells, crocheted books,buttons, cards, and some lovely blue and silver ornaments that will be great for 4th of July!
And, these beautiful bread doilies, and a neat cook book from 1925. So, I think I am good on treasures for the next month! 

Well, wishing you all a lovely and creative week! And, sorry if I haven't come by to visit with you. I plan to be catching up and seeing what you have been up to today!



  1. Look at all your fantastic things! I even spy Halloween! PS. I promise to post your sweet cherries soon. I've got another project in mind to put near my sweet cherry valance. I smile every time I see them hanging at my window. Hugs!!

  2. Really good finds! Love the Halloween and the reflectors. Love the little hankie poem..I have a similar one. How many hankie poems were there?

  3. My friend and i have often commented on how expensive estate sales in TX are and then they charge tax on top of that! I haven't been to any here in MO yet, hopefully it won't be the same. I love your new treasures!

  4. Wow you really got some wonderful new treasures!!! I love all of it, it's all so sweet!! An adorable little message on the wash bag too!! Your star block is beautiful!! :) Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!! xo Holly

  5. What wonderful finds! I love them all.

  6. Wow Heather what a haul. I picked up a couple old craft magazines for you. I will get them in the mail soon.
    Michaels has a new line of vintage craft supplies.
    I love seeing all your goodies.

  7. Holy cow! You found so many cute things, Heather! I think the hankie poem/shirt was meant for you. Couldn't you make something similar, but stitch the poem on it? Too cute! And I Loooove the animal quilt blocks!
    What fun things!
    Erica :)

  8. Lucky you, fun finds! There's a town wide garagege sale here next weekend. Hopefully I'll find some sweet treats! Fingers crossed! Have a great week.

  9. Oh Heather, I'm so happy you found such precious things! They couldn't have found a better home:) Twyla

  10. Awesome scores, you hit the junk jackpot!!

  11. so many treasures you've found!!!!! Lucky girl!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  12. Hi Heather,
    LOVE the vintage Halloween goodies and the puppy pillow is darling! Nice finds!

  13. What a fun post! You found such sweet stuff! Love it all!

  14. Looks like you found quite a few wonderful treasures just meant for you. Love the bread basket doilies.

    xo Danielle

  15. I love the star pattern! Can't wait to see what you do with it; I'd love to see a patriotic red, white and blue star on a towel. Nice work!

  16. So many lovely things to look at here Heather! I could never imagine finding such lovely things over our side of the pond!

    S x

  17. Lots of pretty things here today, Heather! Love your new star, and Kerri's pinwheels! The puppy pillow is very cute....and what a lot of treasures you found :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  18. Lovely finds!! I especially like that charming poem! Take care~

  19. Your star is gorgeous. WOW! Girly you have found some wonderful finds. I just love the embroidery. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  20. Beautiful makes and gorgeous finds too! Love the flocked reindeer! x

  21. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog too! x

  22. Oh wow,you found some really great things!! Fun stuff : )

  23. You certainly found some great things. I'd love to hear more about the cookbook sometime :)

  24. Some reallllly fun stuff!!!!!! Love the scottie pillow!

  25. I love the fabric combo that you used for your pretty star! And that's quite a vintage haul. I like the graphics on the deck of cards! Have a wonderful weekend :) --Fran


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