Thursday, May 31, 2012

nana's treasures

 This past Monday I helped my grandma move, and was happy to come home with a couple of large treasures! This was Nana's Hi-Fi when she was a teenager! She got it when she turned 18, and loved listening to all her favorite tunes! Isn't it lovely!!
 I am not sure on the exact year, but around the late 40's to 50's, and it still works! All I need to get is a new needle, and I am set to listen to some good music! Nana was also very kind to give me her 45s and records! I will have to take a photo of those later! There are some fun ones! 
 The other treasure was this black and white RCA Victor Television. It is a New Vista model, and I am thinking it is from the late 50's to 60's. I just love the design in the wood, and the memories of it growing up!
 It had been sitting in a garage for quite sometime, and unfortunately doesn't work, but my husband wants to get it working again! So we'll see! How fun would it be to watch I Love Lucy or Double Indemnity on this sweet television! Oh, I would love it!!
No, these aren't Nana's shoes, but she does want to get a pair! Thought I would show you my new pair of apple green TOMS! Aren't they such a great color! I have been waiting for this color to come out, and it finally did! I am ready for summer!! Hope you are having a beautiful day!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

vintage quilt and sweet gifts

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 
Well, I finally finished the vintage baby quilt!! I did a basic hand stitching around each block, and choose a pretty aqua and blue calico for the binding. This was my first time hand quilting, and I definitely need more practice at it!! But, it was a good experience, and I look forward to doing it on my grannie block quilt! 
I really love how it came out, with all the pretty fabrics, and cute vintage inspired backing!
While quilting, the only problem I had was trying to get the animal quilt blocks not puffy. Any tips? I tried using a hoop and a frame, but it made it too tight to stitch. 
Would love to hear how you hand quilt or if you have any good tips!
I hope the sweet lady who beautifully embroidered these adorable vintage animals blocks so many years ago, would be proud of the quilt! It will be a treasured piece in my home!
Last week, I received a most lovely gift from the sweetest Chris of Perfectly Printed! She has a beautiful and inspiring blog full of vintage goodness, so make sure you visit and say 'Hi!'
The gift was wrapped in a pretty vintage pillowcase, with sweet lace and fabric strips and a cute note! Does it get any better than that? ;)
Inside were these sweet vintage quilt blocks!! Chris was so generous with the beautiful butterfly and pink cross stitch quilt blocks. I adore them all, and they make my heart so happy!
Love the pink and green cross stitch, and I can see these pieces becoming a pretty table runner for the summer!! 
Oh, the sweet butterflies! Aren't they so pretty? I can't wait to start using them for some projects!
Love all the pretty vintage fabrics, and the hand stitching is beautiful! 
Thank you so much Chris for sending such prettiness!! I am so thrilled to have these treasures! What a sweet friend you are!!
Over the long weekend, I was able to get two more grannie blocks done! The one on the right are all my favorite linen fabrics!! Love how it came out!
Also, I was able to get some grannie squares done! These colors are so pretty together!!
Wishing you a wonderful and creative week!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

To celebrate Memorial Day, I am having a sale at my Etsy shoppe! Just enter the code 'MEMDAY' and you will receive 10% off your purchase!  Have a lovely weekend!! 

rip van winkle

This Friday's book is a classic Rip Van Winkle adapted from Washington Irving's Legend by Dorothy Bell Briggs and illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf, and published in 1962.
I adore all the sweet faces, especially the little girl and boy!
What a friend indeed Rip was!! But, his wife wasn't too happy about him not tending to their houses needs! So, he went off into the woods to walk his anger off. Isn't the little girls outfit so cute! 
Lovin' the long beard on the fellow carry the keg with apple juice, right? This is a children's book. ;)
Bowling in the forest sounds fun!! Love the little yellow bird, and all the colorful socks! 
Strike!! Look at the fellow doing his cute dance! 
Rip fell asleep, and when he awoke up he wondered what he would tell his wife for being away all night! Oh, my! 
Rip had slept for twenty tears, and had no idea! Imagine that! I see a sweet bunny hiding behind a tree! 
Rip couldn't find his dog, so he headed for town, and he was quite the sight!
Rip asked around, "Does nobody know Rip Van Winkle?", but no one knew who he was until a sweet old lady came to his side. 
So, Rip told his story, and whenever the thunder rolls, the sweet children would say, "that the little men are up in the mountains bowling."

Love this precious illustration, and her cute dress! Such a sweet version of this classic! Hope you have a wonderful Friday, and Memorial Day weekend!!

Join me for this Friday's Lil'Vintage Story Books with the most lovely Corey.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the liebster award

The sweetest Holly from Damita's Pretty Wrap has awarded me with such a lovely honor of the Liebster Award!! 

The German word "liebster" translates into English as "beloved" or "favorite." This award is given to new and up coming bloggers
that have less than 200 followers.

Thank you so much Holly for this honor!! 

Holly has the most delightful and beautiful blog full of inspiration, and such sweet creations!!

Make sure that you take a visit to Holly's blog and say, 'Hi".

In order to accept this award, I must..

1. Link back to the person who gave it to me. 
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Congratulations to my lovely picks of such beautiful and creative blogs:

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5. Share 5 random facts about yourself.
*I wear black cat eye glasses with shooting stars
*I dream of an living in old country home with a grey barn, and a wrap around porch
*I love cats and vintage hankies
*I adore classic cars, two being a 57' Chrysler 300C and 49'Ford 
* I was an elementary school teacher

Thank you so much again Holly for this award!! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a little red

 One of my favorite treasures purchased at an estate sale was this sweet red Mellomints tin!! The graphics are gorgeous, and I just love the sweet oval shape!
 I am not sure exactly what they date of this tin is, but I looked into the trademark and it was registered in 1916. I can only imagine what it would have been like to purchase these mints for only 10 cents!! Oh, how I wish to go back in time! 
 They were made by the Brandle & Smith Co in Philadelphia, PA, and I found that they came in many other flavors such as lime, wintergreen, orange, and I am sure more!! So fun!! Would you like some Mellomints today? 
This sweet red cookie platter is so unique and pretty, and was a favorite flea market find!! It is made out of metal, and it was painted red, so I am not sure what the original color was. I love having it out for family gatherings or when friends come over with delicious cookies or other treats!! 
 I adore the gorgeous design, and how it folds up to make a pretty display on my bookshelf when I am not using it! 
I hope that you are having a beautiful week!! The sun is shining brightly today, and there is even a cool breeze! Summer is almost here!! ;)

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