Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sweet strawberries

Well, I finally found the perfect enamelware container for my vintage strawberry decals I bought awhile back. 
What do you think? I was so excited when I found this red and white container, and that it was complete with a lid! 
They were meant to be together, and the strawberries add just the sweetest touch.
Perfect for the summertime, and would be cute for a summer picnic with yummy treats inside! 
Speaking of yummy treats...I made these strawberry and rosemary scones for a lunch I was having with a friend, and they were so delicious! Another sweet blogger shared making them, and even though I don't bake very often, they were so tempting. 
Here is the recipe link if you want to give make some! I didn't make the icing that is calls for, and I used unbleached flour, and maple sugar, which I just love! 
Of course, you have to have tea with your scones, so I thought I would share one of my favorite teas. It is delightful with cream and during the summer it makes a lovely iced tea. 
I am linking up with sweet Sue at It's a Very Cherry World for Rednesday!! Head on over to check out some more lovely reds!!


  1. Oh Heather, what a thrilling find for you! It is just perfect for your Strawberry decals. You don't find a complete piece with both bottom and top, very often.

    How fun to make those heart scones for your friends visit. I will go and take a look at the recipe..I like how they have a nice height on them.

    Have a great day! xo

  2. Oh - all so darling. That made me miss my dear Grandmother, again. I wonder who has all her old stuff? Hmmm? I'll ask my cousins. Thanks! Come vote on my dresser color. (hug)

  3. Heather I love how you added the decals to the enamelware. Your right, it's a perfect match and looks like it came that way. I also love the napkin with the little strawberries. So sweet.

  4. Perfect! The strawberry decals are a perfect match for the enamelware! If looking at these pictures doesn't make a gal smile, I don't know what will! :)
    Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Oh Heather..
    You are so right!!
    Those decals look like they were made for your enameled container!!

    Thanks for sharing the scone recipe to.. I'll have to link over and copy it off.
    As you know, I'm always up for anything that uses rosemary ~~~LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Smile :)

  6. The strawberry box turned out just perfect and a tall glass of iced strawberry tea sounds SOOO good!!

  7. Happy Rednesday! Your container is perfect for those sweet strawberry decals. Yummy scones too. Beautiful pics.

  8. I love it!! It looks like it came like that, they were meant to be for this cute enamelware! Mmmm your scones look delish and so does that tea! Your tea cup is so darling!! Happy Wednesday! xo Holly

  9. Well, you know I am a sucker for strawberries, decals and enamelware...This is a complete win! Never occurred to me to put a decal on enamelware...hmm! Possibilities are endless. Smiles...Renee

  10. Those yummy looking strawberry scones made me think of Alice in Wonderland and the nursery rhyme about the Queen of Hearts. My daughter Sascha is an "Alice" collector and when she finally gets engaged (soon I hope) we will be doing an Alice wedding theme and Tea Party shower. The scones would be a perfect touch!=D

  11. I love that sweet container-it looks beautiful! I didn't realise you'd put the strawberries on until I re-read your post properly-it looks perfect! xx

  12. OMG! That is so cute! My first kitchen was done with strawberries - had decals on the cabinet doors and dishes with strawberries on them!

  13. Yes! It appears that you found the exact right container to put your strawberry decals on. Good job girl! I have some vintage fruit decals that I'm about to put on a couple big glass jars...I fear that they will NOT be as cute as your enamelware! Good idea Heather!
    Erica :)

  14. Oh, Heather...This is such a delightful post! I love all the red...the summery strawberries decaled on your perfect enamelware, delicious scones sitting on their pretty red perches...and, then to top it off...Strawberry Tea!
    Summertime is such a sweet time!
    Have a happy Rednesday, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xo

  15. I love your container. Oh boy your scones look so yummy.

  16. Heather, Heather, Heather! I have had a little black and white enamel tin with lid sitting with tags displayed in it for six months and never thought of putting a decal on it! CUTE! No decals at my house, I may have to copy you with Mod Podge!


  17. love your vintage enamel tin embellished with the strawberries. soo sweet!


  18. Heather the tin looks adorable with the strawberries, like it was made for it.


  19. Your tine is soooo sweet!!! Love the scones too, I will have to try the recipe!!


  20. Love the cup - very pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  21. Sweet tin + strawberry decals = perfection! And those scones look yummy too. It's almost Wimbledon time here and strawberries & cream are de rigeur :-)

  22. OH MY Goodness that tin is gorgeous i have never seen one like that before what a great find. I love it and your rose and scones look lovely. dee x

  23. Well I am going to have to go get more strawberries -- I need one right now and nothing is open! lol!!! it is 4:00 am!!! I also need that tea BADLY!!!! the pan is amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! what a wonderful post!!! thanks for sharing...sending hugs...

  24. Heather, those strawberry decals are perfect on that beautiful container. How fortunate that you came across it. And those scones and tea sound absolutely fantastic! Yum! Thanks for the link. Can't wait to make them. Have a fabulous day! Tammy

  25. Very pretty! I have a red and white kitchen, that decaled enamel container is really cute and I love your strawberry scones and teacup! What fun! So glad I found you, through "dear Abby" @ Little Birdie Blessings. I am your newest follower, I also love vintage and all your lovely red things!
    Blessings, Linda@Grandmalay's Daydreams

  26. Oh,oh,Oh! Your enamel piece makes me squeel! Love, love it! Twyla

  27. How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful! I love strawberries, biscuits heart, teas, everything you put it there! Friend, excuse the absence, but I'm a bit out of time, but do not forget my dear friends, I come whenever I can, ok?
    Have a sweet week.
    Hugs, my dear friend.

  28. Hi Heather!

    I can't believe I hadn't gotten round to check out your blog before now but I'm so glad I finally did, it's lovely here!

    I love your red strawberry decals on the enamel - gorgeous. And scrolling through your other posts, I can see lovely vintage goodies, such sweet little birdie clothes pegs and beautiful. beautiful granny square quilt blocks. Yummy. I do want to make some of those myself one day..

    Well, I'm going to follow you now so I don't miss any more of your lovely posts :)

    S x

  29. The red and white enamelware is so darling. The scones look yummy, but my favorite is the cute teacup. I've never seen that pattern-so cheerful. Hope you had fun with your friend!

    1. Thank you Leslie! The tea cup is from Anthropologie. They still have them! ;) xo Heather

  30. Mmmmm! Those scones look positively delightful!

    And yes. No doubt about it. You found the PERFECT piece for your sweet strawberry decals. Love your creativity, girl!

  31. Ooohhhh - I think it looks lovely.

    Happy weekend,

    Nina x

  32. So sweet! The perfect match. :o)

  33. Those decals are perfect for that tin! So cute. And I love the heart-shaped scones!
    -Fran :)

  34. I've been looking at some vintage decals too, but worried that they might fall apart. Did you have any issues? They look great!


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