Monday, October 7, 2013

treasures and pretties

Hello Friends!
Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! I have been busy working on some custom orders, which I love! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the strawberries for the swap and my new items! You always brighten my day! 
I haven't had much time for sewing, so my projects have been a little neglected, but I did manage to finish this hexie flower yesterday. I think only two more to do! 
I went to an estate sale on Saturday on a quest for wooden hangers, and came home with these two sweet ones.
I really love the aqua one and only wish there was more! A lady ahead of me in line beat me to the other hangers, and only left these, but I was happy to take them home! ;) 
I also brought this gorgeous aqua and white crocheted pot holder, that I just fell in love with! I have never seen this design before, and it was in such good condition. There were at least 20 pot holders, but they were so pricey, so I could only take one.
              I love the starbursts and can't wait to figure out the pattern so I can make one! I was  thinking how pretty it would be in either green or red for Christmas.      
This is The Workbasket magazine from October 1955. Every time I read through this, I just imagine how neat it would have been to receive these in the mail and to read through all the fun articles and patterns. The stuffed toys are cute, so I will have to scan them to show you. 
The flower for October is the beautiful poppy! 
 Over the weekend some pretty mail arrived from sweet Erin of Why Not Sew?. I was here partner for her strawberry pincushion swap and I was overjoyed with all the gorgeous strawberries and pretties she sent me!! All the details were so sweet, and she even made a cute grey strawberry, which I love! 
 Thank you so much Erin for hosting such a sweet swap and for sending me all these darling pretties to treasure!! 

Well, I am off to work on some orders and maybe work on some unfinished projects. I have also starting planning Christmas goodies for the shoppe and can't wait to start working on those this week. I hope to get my Christmas items in by the second week of November! I look forward to visiting you and seeing what sweetness you have been up to! 

Wishing you a beautiful and creative week! xo


  1. I'm also in the middle of some hexie projects and can't wait to get them finished. They are so contagious to make and turn out so adorable. I saw what Erin had made for the swap and did a sneak peak on her Flickr site to see what everyone was making. I'm kicking myself for not having known about her blog sooner or I may have thrown my name into the hat for this swap. So, so cute!! You are one lucky recipient. :)

  2. Great finds! I'll have to keep my eyes open for some of those wooden hangers.
    Glad that you were able to snatch up a couple.

    Cute, cute swap items. Looks like you had a swap with someone who is talented like you :)

    Have a great week, my friend.


  3. I haven't seen that potholder pattern before either! It's very pretty.

    Love your swap goodies. That happy strawberry is so cute! ♥

  4. I love Estate sales, they are sad but at least someone else gets to enjoy their treasures.

  5. A nice find on the wooden hangers...I don't see them often and never in that color!
    I am still keeping my eyes open for your Workbasket magazine, it would be so fun to announce to you "I found one"!

  6. congratulations on having so many orders~
    you found some great vintage items over the weekend :)
    ~~have a super week~~

  7. Love your prezzies from Erin and that crocheted pot holder is beautiful. Great pattern and colors.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  8. Hi, Heather! I am so looking forward to catching up on your posts! I have very fond memories of seeing Workbasket in my nanny's (great-grandma's) magazine rack. Must have been that early exposure to crafts that influenced me. I love reading through them ... even seeing the cover here brings back good memories.

  9. Another beautiful hexie!! What a sweet strawberry swap! Xo

  10. Hi Heather! I just love that pot holder! The colors are so cool...I adore the one Meri had you make for me for my birthday! I don't use it though, just for looks! :) Have a great week!


  11. I have a soft spot for crochet potholders, too, and don't think I have ever seen that pattern. I hope you can figure it out and make more!

  12. Those hangers are hard to find. So glad you scored a few. Love your hexie the fabrics are so pretty. Looks like you had a great swap.

  13. I always love finding potholders in that pattern! It's been my plan to figure the pattern out, too. I love the aqua hanger! It looks pretty with the potholder! Great swap pretties! I can't wait to see your hexie quilt! Love, Twyla

  14. Your hexie is so pretty Heather, it must be exciting knowing that you only have two left to make. I love your beautiful potholder that you found, and especially love the colours and the starburst design. It would be amazing if you could replicate this and yes I think the green and red will look lovely for Christmas. Your pretty strawberry swap is so pretty with so many sweet things for you, how lovely. After your last post I had a little look at all the strawberry swaps and got inspired to make some, so I made two yesterday and giving them to a friend for her birthday today. I will have to make some more. Enjoy your week lovely xoxo

  15. So many sweet goodies, Heather! Can hardly wait to see what Christmas delights you add to your shop!

  16. Such pretties in this post, Heather! I love those wooden hangers too, and the turquoise blue one is a special find! Love the potholder, it is a very pretty design. It looks as if it has been embroidered with Algerian eye stitch (one of my faves) on top. Your strawberry swap gifts are so gorgeous, what a treat to receive!
    I am still loving my pretty gifts from you, thank you again x
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  17. I'm smitthen with your presents from Erin. You both are quite talented. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas. I think my mother needs something special from you. I will be shopping in the near future.

  18. Nice finds, sorry the lady beat you to the hangers...always seems someone beats me to the tablecloths too, lol.

    Sweet strawberries, what a nice swap for the talented! have a great week! :) Pam

  19. Hello! Your swap goodies are so sweet, love those strawberries!! I have a pink wooden hanger with skirt clips on it, I use it to hand up a vintage tapestry embroidery of a cute cottage. I have some other wood ones with hotel or cleaners names printed on them, but I love the painted ones the best, hope you find more!
    So excited to see your Christmas shop goodies!!!

  20. Hi Heather! Such sweet swap goodies!!! The pot holder you picked up is interesting and cute! It would be darling with Christmas colors!! I can't wait to see your Christmas goodies for your shop! :) I've just barely started thinking about starting Christmas, and I'm so excited!! Hope you have a lovely fall day!! xo Holly

  21. Hello Heather!
    I love my clothespin bag that you made for me... it is the cutest! What a wonderful swap with strawberries! I bought a few hangers myself about a year ago, I just love those old hangers and that potholder you bought is very pretty, I love the aqua color! I'm sure it would look really pretty in red and green for Christmas!
    I recieved your email and sent one back...I had no idea that I won!.....I've missed out on some post due to a lower back issue....I'm able to sit at the computer sure is fun catching up and see what everyone is working on!

  22. The vintage crocheted potholder is adorable...never saw one like it either. Hope you can replicate it...I sure need to learn how to crochet.

  23. What a beautiful swap you were involved with.....I love that idea. I hope your week is going well and you are enjoying the beautiful Fall colours everywhere. xox

  24. What beautiful items from Erin :) Sounds like a lovely swap. The hangers you found are wonderful and I fell in love with the potholder - it's stunning! I hope your week is going well. Hugs to you!

  25. How neat that pot holder is, with the embroidery on the crochet!

    Happy weekend Heather :)

  26. What a sweet swap with Erin!! The strawberries are so darling!


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