Monday, December 2, 2013

a christmas wreath

 A very happy Monday and December to you! 
I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and weekend! Well, I started Christmas decorating on Thanksgiving evening as I couldn't wait any longer. I just love going through all the vintage treasures that have been packed away, waiting to bring Christmas cheer to my home. Along with decorating, I wanted to get started on some Christmas crafting, and one project I worked on this weekend was making my Christmas wreath.
I mentioned a few post ago I was collecting vintage plastic poinsettias for a wreath, and this is what I came up with!
 I used a wire wreath form and just hot glued the poinsettias on. There is definitely room for more, and it will be fun to keep collecting them and add them on each year, but I also kinda like it how it is, with the exception of maybe adding some vintage plastic deer if I can find some. 
I also wanted to use the 'Merry Christmas' sign I found recently in the wreath, and I am really lovin' how it all looks together. Such pretty, sparkly plastic goodness!
And, this is the wreath on my front door ready to welcome in sweet friends and family!
 So, my list of Christmas projects seems to keep growing, and this is my newest one! I have been wanting to try a vintage Bucilla kit for awhile, and when I saw this adorable jeweled felt Santa mail bag, I was in love!
 These are all the pieces which I think are so neat and I am excited to get started. I definitely don't think I will be finished by Christmas, as it looks like a lot of work sewing on all the sequins, but maybe not. Have you ever put one of these felt kits together? I look forward to showing you as I work on it this month.
 These cuties I found last week at the thrift store. Those mice always get me, and the little elf boy is just as sweet!
And, this darling deer I found at Target a couple weeks ago. I also grabbed a brown one as they were just too sweet to pass up. I added some silver tinsel to give it that vintage sparkly touch! I find that this year in my Christmas crafting I am so into silvery tinsel, felt, and sequins. There is just something about it all that just makes me smile!
Well, I am off to finish some tote bags for a friend who will be gifted them to her co-workers for Christmas, finish decorating, and work on my felt stockings. What crafty goodness are you working?

Wishing you all a most lovely and creative week!  


  1. Oh what a lovely post! Filled with sparkly gorgeousness and lots of pretty things as always. I do love all the sweet little things you find and make, and will be eagerly following your progress on the little mail bag.
    No crafting for me today as I work on Mondays, but all sorts of plans for Christmas making tomorrow - yay!
    Have a happy & blessed week,
    hugs xx

  2. I am reading this very early in the morning. I'm catching a cold and couldn't sleep...big baby that I am. But you always make me smile! Happy Christmas crafting, cute Heather!

  3. Happy December to you too sweet Heather. I love your pretty wreath and I am sure you will keep smiling every time you walk past it. All your Christmas decorations are so pretty and I am always after little vintage decorations like that, but they are so hard to come by over here. I love the pretty elf and the sweet mice and your bambi is simply to die for. I have a real thing for bambi's and this one is a stunner. I am sure you will have heaps of fun getting all your Christmas decorations ready, sadly this year mine aren't really happening as I still have a custom order to start and finish before the 23rd of December. I am sending you much love and a big HO HO HO! xoxo

  4. Your wreath turned out so well. It looks perfect on your front door. I can't wait to see how your Christmas mail bag comes together. It looks like a lot of work, but I know you'll put your perfect touch on it. Love your Target reindeer and tinsel definitely makes everything better. I wish the weekend was a bit longer. I have lots on my to-do list. Yippee for Christmas decorating and crafting!

  5. love your wreath, Heather! I'm looking forward to seeing how your kit turns out. looks like fun. I have to get going on some Christmas goodies. I'm making my daughter a dollhouse from a bookshelf and painting her some peg dolls to go along with it. Hoping to get it all done. I can only work on it when she's sleeping :) Have a great week!

  6. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Heather, found I have about 15 minutes to do some blog hopping til I have to get ready for work.. so a quick stop by! I bought one of those deer in brown as well. Arent the sweet? Love your wreath too. I am trying to cut back a teeny tiny on my decorating. LOL! (well, Im trying.....) Have a great week!

  8. I love it all but that little deer is OH SO cute:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  9. I love your wreath!! And I Love the aqua deer! I must hit Target at the off times... I have never seen something so cute at my local Target!

  10. Your wreath came together beautifully! Love your vintage goodies! And your Target deer is too cute!

  11. oh Heather - I love the wreath that you made. So sweet. You are so very talented. I'm always inspired by your pictures. I have some vintage plastic wreaths that I was thinking of getting rid of but now that I saw your project I just might make something with them! That deer is adorable. Who would have thought Target! It looks vintage. I think I must get over to Target today to see if there are any left.

  12. I like your wreath! The sparkly Merry Christmas is perfect. Love that deer you found, too. It looks like such a vintage style that I was amazed when you said it is from Target.

  13. Oh I just love your poinsettia wreathe!! It turned out sooo cute!! And so welcoming into your home! :) I've been looking at a lot of felt and sequin projects and wondering how hard and time consuming they I'm excited to see yours!! I'm thinking if I do give a try, I'll be trying it on something smaller! Love your cute finds, can't wait to see more of your sweet decorations!! Happy December and happy sewing!! xo Holly

  14. Pretty and fun stuff! I just love blog hopping this time of year!

    I've never tried one of those felt kits. Be sure and show us when you're done!

  15. Hey girlfriend! Your wreath looks amazing and I'm so sorry I've been too busy to check your blog lately, but I happen to have a bunch of plastic poinsettias if you're interested. I'd just need shipping covered, if you would like them. You might also be interested to check my blog or Etsy store to see what I did with two of those Target deer ornies.


  16. I'm loving that Santa mail bag so much! I hope you'll show us when it's done!
    Your wreath is also too cute!
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)

  17. Your Merry Christmas wreath turned out super! I picked up a couple of those same deer at Target as they were just too darn darling!

  18. I grabbed one of those deers as well...then in the $1 bin at Target I found a "let it snow" sign in the same color that my little guy is riding on. LOL! It's funny how we all think alike! I gave him a tinsel collar too! Love the wreath!...hugs :)

  19. your wreath turned out so cute...looks perfectly vintage! I love the little green deer you got at Target, wish mine had those!! Looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas crafting :)

  20. I have started a tradition of making each one of my grandkids (when they come into the world) a Christmas stocking using the Bucilla stocking kits. In fact, I'm working on one right now for grandchild #6 and will make one next year for our youngest grandchild who is only four months old right now. I hang the stockings on the staircase and, though the stockings are very time consuming to make, I love watching the expressions on their little faces as they look at all the details. Makes it so worth the effort!

  21. Love your wreath and the sparkly words! Your post is so bright and festive, Heather! Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen x

  22. Hi Heather, I love your Poinsettia wreath, how pretty and what a good idea! Those cute little mice are so sweet in their stockings along with that little elf. You are getting me in the mood to craft!
    Have a great week,
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  23. What is it about the old stuff that is just so irresistible and charming? I love all your treasures Heather. Happy week to you.

    xo Danielle

  24. Your wreath turned out so cute. Love your Merry Christmas sign. I too could not wait to decorate for Christmas things started to come out of the closets over here as well.
    Hope you have a wonderful week my dear.

  25. Hi Heather..
    Cute wreath! You are so smart to keep a look out for those vintage Christmas items, as they really are quite charming!!
    I thought of you the other day, as we were putting out our Christmas decorations. I have 2 old Christmas lanterns that plug in, from the 1970's I think. I found them at a thrift store a few years ago, and just could not pass them up!

    Hope you are able to make good progress on your projects this week.

    Warm wishes..

  26. Your Bucilla kit looks like fun! Can't wait to see the progress (no pressure or anything). I like felt kits a lot and I enjoy seeing different ones. I have a few (unfinished) kits around here....

  27. such cute things you've found and made! love the deer.i think we had those mice and elves growing up...and your wreath is perfect : ) we have a wreath that we add to every year...

  28. Okay, you make me want to head to Target to scoop up a green reindeer! I hope that they have them here! I am sure that you are going to put together one of the most exquisite Bucilla felt bags that this world has ever seen. Can't wait to see what it looks like! :) --Fran


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