Monday, January 27, 2014

quilt blocks and a winner...

A very happy Monday to you!
Hope that your weekend was lovely! Sorry I have been so quiet, but I have been working away trying to finish my first batch of goodies for the shoppe that will be going in at the end of this week. 
I did take a break to finish my last three blocks for Donna's quilt Sampler and now I need to do the sashing. I am looking forward to seeing all the blocks together!  
I am also apart of Donna's Sew Sweet Bee, which I am excited and a little nervous about, as there are quite the experienced quilters in the group, and I am far from that. This is my first block for Donna, a pretty lavender Jacob's Ladder. 
Now, I know the third time is supposed to be a charm, but even after three attempts I can still not get all my triangle points to line up, and it's a 1/8 inch shy of 12.5. So, I will attempt a fourth hoping it will be just right for Donna and hopefully she won't regret having me in the group once she gets my block. ;)And any piecing tips on this block I would love to hear!
I haven't been able to start any Valentine crafts yet, besides these simple but sweet tinsel hearts that I have been making as part of my packaging for orders. I just took a tinsel stem and shaped it as a heart.  
Another little peak at some sweetness coming soon! And, now to the winner of the Country Girls giveaway!
 Congratulations to Heidi of On The Banks of Frog Creek for winning the sweet fat quarter bundle of Country girls from Simply Sweet Fabric! Yay! I will be sending you an email to get your address!

Thank you all who left a sweet comment on the giveaway! Well, I am off to give my Jacob's Ladder another try and work on finishing up all the new goodies. I will be back later in the week!

Wishing you a beautiful and crafty week! 


  1. Your quilt blocks are so pretty!!! Your ladder block looks really good, such a pretty pattern to! :) I don't think I would have even noticed a couple of the corners not matching up, all the points through the middle look wonderful! Great job Heather! I can't wait to see your new goodies for you shop! And such cute hearts your making too! :) Have a happy Monday! Good luck on the block again. xo Holly

  2. I'm not an expert either and I cannot tell you how many times I took my block apart and sewed it! I hope she likes it, I like the fabric you chose!

  3. Congrats to Heidi!

    (Love the little kitty!)

  4. Thanks again :) and good luck with the block!

  5. I never did give my mom that kitty towel that I bought from you! It's so cute:)
    Congrat's to the winner. Looking forward to seeing your new treasures.

  6. Hi Heather, I love your quilt blocks, they are so pretty! Congrats to Heidi!
    Have a good week , Dorothy

  7. Love your blocks for the QAL. As far as the Jacob's Ladder goes. The only tips I can give are for the HST, to make sure the seam allowance is a scant 1/4 inch or possibly press the seams open if you haven't already. That might give you a little more to your block. It looks beautiful though and your rows nest great. Can't wait to see your shoppe goodies! Congrats to Heidi!!

  8. congrats to Heidi!!!!
    Love the tinsel hearts and your quilt blocks!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. I'm always impressed with your latest accomplishments. Congratulations to the winner. Those tinsel hearts are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing your new treasures.

  10. It looks perfect to me. Love your sweet kitten. Congrats to Heidi. I admire you and all the other sewers and quilters.

  11. Ah, now I see why you have been so quiet. You have been a busy girl! I cannot offer any advice on the quilt but want to say those tinsel hearts are cute as can be!

  12. I cant tell where there is anything wrong with your jacobs ladder piece. Looks pretty perfect to me! Someday.... someday.... i will make a quilt! (probably not... but I like to think so!) Have a great day!

  13. Congrats to Heidi:) Have a blessed day! Happy creating:) HUGS!

  14. Your blocks look great! I look forward to seeing the new things in your shop :) I love your embroidery!

  15. Your blocks look great Heather. You did a wonderful job my dear.
    Congrats to Headi.

  16. Beautiful block, Heather! I always love seeing the colors you put together :) Congratulations to Heidi! What a sweet blessing for her :)

    Have a lovely week, hugs!

  17. You have made some beautiful blocks, Heather! Congratulations to Heidi, what a lucky winner!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xx

  18. Well I'm not an expert quilter either but I sure think your block is beautiful! I'm sure Donna will be pleased:) Can't wait to see what you've been working on for your shop!

  19. Cute hearts ... I must try those.

    And all your blocks are such pretty colours :)

  20. I almost made my block with that fabric! I did a lot of unsewing as well. Triangles! Received my package today, too adorable even to unwrap.. I slid it out the bottom. I love all the pretty tags, and the sweet coasters! Thank you so much. I am sending your envelope out tomorrow! It won't be half as adorably packaged!

  21. I think your quilt blocks are exquisite! What a sweet little touch those tinsel hearts will add to your packages. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :) --Fran


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