Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a pretty pinwheel and my baby things

Happy sweet day to you! 
Hope your Easter was wonderful! Well, another pretty pinwheel has arrived from Miss Donna of Donna's Lavender Nest. I love the two prints she chose. So sweet together! 
And, some pretty fabrics from her fabric shoppe came with it, too. Thank you so much Donna! I really can't wait to see all these pretty pinwheels together!
 My mom sent me a box of my baby things, as she is just simplifying the things she has, and thought it would be nice for me to enjoy them now. And, in the near future it will be fun for me to have them for when we have a baby. These were some cute little things, and...
 my favorite are the Big Bird and Cookie Monster shoes!!
 Keeping with the Sesame Street theme a cute baby sleeping bag that went in my crib and car seat.
 A sweet ripple afghan that my great grandmother crocheted for me and it is so soft!
 A little rosebud dress and bonnet,and
 two cute pink outfits. The one on the left looked handmade, but then I saw a tag and it was made in Italy. Quite fancy! ;)
 A cute quilted jumper that has some storage stains, so hopefully I can get them out.
My baby book and a little planter sign. All so sweet to have and treasure now and I am so happy my mom kept it all these years for me! Do you have your baby things?
 So, I have been busy working and planning some new items for the shoppe. This cute vintage inspired clothespin bag is what I have been working on this past weekend, and they will be making their way into the shoppe in May. I really love how cute it came out. And, of course it wouldn't have been complete without a scalloped edging. ;)
I was so lucky to find some more of that pretty Pam Kitty Morning floral fabric that I used, because I ran out and Stacy from Strawberry Blossom Mercantile had some left along with some pretty Lecien floral. Yay!!

Well, I am off to go work away in my sewing room. Wishing you a lovely and creative week! xo


  1. Lovely!
    I'm in love with the ripple blanket your great grandmother crocheted for you... The colours are amazing. Such a precious gift to treasure!
    Have a lovely week, xhaafner

  2. WOW! I can't wait to get my items Heather ...you are so talented!

  3. Donnas pinwheel is so pretty! And I love that your mother held on to those things for you ;)

  4. Heather, I so enjoyed seeing your baby things. I had those same shoe lace holders that was in the first picture of your things. I bought them when Jordan was a baby. Sure brought back memories! I have tried to hang onto my kid's things, but not sure where it's at:/. I have a few things from when I was a baby, but not much. Twyla

  5. I love the baby things!!! Serious envy going on!

  6. I have yellow baby shoes that were mine as a baby. I have a few things that were my kids. My daughter had a very similar rosebud dress and hat that I hang in the guest room next to our son's Osh Kosh overalls and Daniel Boone cap. It is impossible for me to let these things go. They are 30 and 35 years old now!

  7. Such sweet baby clothes. How nice that your mother saved them. I have lots of toys from my childhood but I can't say that I have any childhood clothes. On other hand, Josie will be wearing lots of Emma's former clothes for years to come with the eight years age difference! Hugs!

  8. A great keepsake. I have a few of my baby things...including my baby shoes with jingle bells on the laces so my mom could keep track of toddler me. Saved a small bin for each of my kids as well with their keepsakes.

  9. Sweet memories!!!!!
    I really love your new clothespin bag!!!!
    xxxxx ale

  10. Such sweet baby things! My mother saved couple of my things and I've now passed them on to by daughter... if it's a girl perhaps she can "come home" in the same little red dress that her mother and I wore!

  11. Those baby things are so sweet and how delightful that she saved them for you!

  12. how sweet for you to have all those baby things that were yours as a baby! I love when people save things like that. I have a drawer full of stories and school work from when my kids were little and two dresses.. and maybe a wrist band from the hospital.. but thats about it. If I was just starting out having my babies now, I would surely do things a little differently.
    have a great week my friend!

  13. How lovely to have your own baby things to treasure, Heather! So special! I love your rosy fabric and clothespin bag, and the lovely pinwheel block too.
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  14. Oh dear, what a cute little collection of memories! I LOVE those little shoes:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  15. How wonderful that your Mom is a saver so you now have all those wonderful things. So cute! & the afghan is a treasure. Love the sentimental value of handmade and passed on things. My Mom saved me my baby book, a lock of hair, and hospital bracelet...treasure them.

    Adorable clothespin bag! You are so talented Heather!

  16. Awww... all of those things are so sweet, especially the little shoes. I am afraid I don't have any of my baby things but I do have my Dad's christening gown. It hangs in my bedroom. I love the cherry fabric in your pinwheel! I seem to have a thing for cherries at the moment!



  17. Cute stuff! Love it all.
    I think about the only thing I have from when I was a baby, are two crib quilts that my grandma made me.
    I cherish them.

    As far as the stains go on the baby clothes, I found that soaking items with stains on in a bucket of hot water with automatic dish detergent in works like a charm! Esp. on old baby clothes, burping rags, bibs....etc...
    That was a tip that my sis. in law gave me 20 years ago, when we had little ones. Works like a charm!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Smiles :)

  18. So very sweet!! Love seeing your childhood baby things, and how special of your mom to keep them for you!! Love the little blue horse you have there too! Such a lovely blanket your great grandmother crocheted, it looks so pretty and soft! I'm just loving your sweet clothespin bag, they are just adorable!!! (: Happy sweet day to you!! xo Holly

  19. Your baby things are so cute and it is so nice that your mom saved them and sent them to you to have. I don't have any of my baby things but there were five of us and I think we shared a lot!! I did save some special things for my children and have given them back to them for keepsake!! Have a wonderful day, your bee blocks will be in the mail soon, sorry so long in coming!!

  20. That is great you have some your baby things now, they are very cute! I have a couple of things: a crochet blanket, christening gown, and some trinkets. I love your adorable clothes pin bag, it's the cutest ever! Sorry I have not been by to visit your blog in awhile...life just got so busy and I was also sick for a bit. Have a wonderful day and "see" you on IG! :)

  21. Your baby things are so cute. What sweet memories. I have a few of my things, but my sister has one of our diaper shirts from when we were baby's. She had it on Skyler the other day. Oh I am loving your new cloths pin bag. Sooo cute and the crocheted edging just makes it sweeter. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  22. So many sweet things! This reminds me that I need to put away some things for my little girls. The clothes pin bag is so cute! I love the pink one and the blue one! Thank you for mentioning my shop!! I hope you have a lovely day!

  23. What is it about baby shoes that are so sweet? So nice your mom had all of those. I have a few things that were mine ... but when my parents were moving from the house where I grew up, I had to GRAB my baby book away from my mother before she threw it out! I think she was just tired of packing - she's usually more sentimental than that! Love that ripple afghan, too. (Talent runs in the family!)

  24. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed seeing your sweet baby things! My mother had saved a few of my things and gave them to me when my daughter was born. It put me into the mindset to save a few things for my children--I have 2 very large bins saved for them. We were actually just going through them last week, my girls especially got a kick (pun intended) out of the shoes. This post was a perfect theme for you to showcase your clothespin bag, which is exquisite! Have a wonderful week :) --Fran

  25. Hi Heather,
    How sweet. It is wonderful to have things from our childhood.
    Happy sewing.

  26. What sweet items! I found your blog while I was reading a few others... can't wait to read more posts!

  27. Good morning. It is always so great to see what you have been up to! Just look at all the beautiful baby items your sweet mom saved for you. That really was great of her. I love the little toy giraffe! It reminds me of one my son had. I am sure I have it stashed away.
    You been busy as usual. The clothes pin bag is just so darn cute! I love it being a baby dress. Very charming, indeed.
    Blessings to you


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