Wednesday, May 14, 2014

some new treasures

 Happy Sweet Day!!
Hope you are having a lovely week so far! The weather has been quite hot, and is going to get even hotter later this week, which I am not loving. How's your weather?
Another beautiful pinwheel arrived from the sweet Missy of Missy's Homemaking Adventures. So pretty and she used two of my favorite prints! Thank you Missy!
 These gorgeous fabrics arrived from the lovely Shay of Simply Sweet Fabric, and I am loving the new Old New 30's from Lecien! Aren't they so pretty!
 She has this sweet bundle set in her shoppe, if you would like to play with one, too!! Thank you Shay for having such sweet fabrics!!
 I found this cute laundry bag at a thrift store recently.
 So cute, and these would be fun to recreate. ;) 
 My mom sent me some more family treasures, and these are some of of the sweet things. The precious doll belonged to my mom that my great grandmother gave her. The baby bottle, Bambi, the glove cleaner, and pretty plate were all my great grandmothers.
 These tea sets and milk glass vase were also my great grandmothers. I look forward to having some tea in those sweet pastel sets! There were some more treasures, but it was too hot to take more photos. ;) I think that family treasures are the best ones to have!
I am finishing up a few more items for the shoppe and will be re-opening this Friday! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my cherries! I love how the pink ones turned out, and will be offering them as this cute set of 4 pairs! 
So, I am off to work away, and will be back Friday with new shoppe goodies!
Wishing you a beautiful and crafty day! xo



  1. the pinwheel is so pretty.
    love Shay's shop and that bundle is the sweetest.
    all of your treasures are great! I so wish we could have a tea party. wouldn't that be the best?!
    love, love, love the cherries!!!! can't wait for your shoppe to open. Have a sweet day, Heather! xo Erin

  2. What a pretty little green dish! And very exciting that you're opening shop! :-)

  3. So sweet Heather! I think family treasures are the best too! Love the things your grandmother had and you have to treasure now, so special!! :) Beautiful new fabrics to play with, I'm excited to see the goodies in your shop Friday!! Your cherries are too cute! Bright and cheery!! :) Enjoy the week!! xo Holly

  4. Such a cute doll and sweet fabrics!love your cherries :)

  5. Such sweet vignettes on this post. Family treasures are indeed the best kind. I can't wait to have your shop re-open on Friday! Keep on playing and creating!

  6. Lovely family treasures. I'm looking forward to browsing through your shoppe! (Please send a bit of your hot weather our way! I had to wear my winter jacket last night while watching my son's baseball game!)

  7. Hi Heather! I have to agree family treasures are the sweetest...they bring back memories of my childhood! I love anything that reminds me of my Grandmother! You are very lucky to have some given to you by your mother. I can't wait to see what you made...I am totally hooked on those cherries! And that bluebird dish towel is so sweet! I have to have one :)

  8. the laundry bag is so unique!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  9. I love your vintage treasures! And your blog is so pretty to read through!

    Michelle (www,

  10. I love family treasures also. My mom's house was broken into about ten years ago and a lot of her things she had from her grandmother was stolen. It was worse then them stealing the tv!

  11. Oh my, what lovely fabric! So perfect for Spring and Summer.

    Your laundry bag find is adorable and your cherries are just too sweet. Have a beautiful day, dear Heather!

  12. Everything is just sooo lovely, and what treasures you have inherited from your great grandmother - these are so precious. One day I want to go thrift shopping with you, you always seem to find the loveliest of things ;-)
    The sun is shining here too and it's lovely and warm - by English standards, not Californian standards!
    Happy day to you,
    hugs xx

  13. Family treasures are the best! Love the sweet doll, and how funny is the effervescent glove cleaner! Finding that laundry bag at the thrift was great luck. .. oh yes, your cherries are adorable. :) hugs!

  14. LOVE those cherries! I agree, the family treasures are the most precious.

  15. I like the cherries ! Lovely colors

  16. oooh!! wonderful fabrics! would love to have those to play with! and that doll? how sweet she is! and those cherries? oh so cute! treasures treasures and more treasures! dont we have the bestest lives?
    Happy Weekend!

  17. Just absolutely lovely Heather, all of it! I love the fabrics in your top block, just perfect and those cherries are so adorable. I have the wanties!

    S x


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