Monday, July 14, 2014

patchwork and hand sewing

 Hello Sweet Friends!
Hope that you are all doing wonderful and enjoying these summer days! I have been busy working on projects and custom orders, which I have been loving! I have also become quite fond of Instagram, and you can peak over there as I usually post daily on what I am working on! :)
I finished this fruity patchwork place mat for a dear friend's sweet little girl. I really love all these cute fabrics together.
 I hand quilted it with perle cotton which I thought gave it a sweet touch. I am eager to try hand quilting with hand quilting thread on my next project! I am getting better with my stitches each time I do it!
 I made my first Dutch pinwheel for the Sew Sweet Bee for Kerri of Lovely Little Handmades.I had to fix a couple points after I took this photo before I sent it off to her, but I'm improving with my quilting skills and starting to get better at those corners to match up nicely. It isn't easy!:) And, I am happy that she likes how it turned out!! Love those colors together!!
 And, the newest project/sew-a-long that I am doing is learning how to hand sew/quilt a mini patchwork quilt with the sweetest and talented Wynn of ZakkaArt! I am so loving the process of drawing each shape, cutting with scissors, and hand sewing the pieces together with some of my favorite vintage needles! The 9-patch block was our first one, and...
 the Evening Star was our second. For this one I need to make another one where the star points stand out more, which I probably should have paid more attention to in the beginning, but it was a fun practice one to make! Maybe I will use this one on the backing of the quilt.;)
This sweet vintage cabinet was a recent find at the thrift store. I had actually had my eye on it for a month but didn't want to pay the price, so I was lucky it was still there and half off! A new place for all my fabrics in my sewing room!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me! I look forward to catching up this week with all your sweet blogs, and seeing what you have been up to this summer! Wishing you a most lovely week!! xo



  1. Score!! Love the cabinet. Will be a neat thing for your crafty "stuff." I'm not a sewer or quilter, but your makes are gorgeous. Love that fruity placemat.

  2. gorgeous post,hope you have a lovely day.xx

  3. Heather...
    I wish I lived closer to you! You could help me learn how to do so many of the darling handicrafts that you do!!
    I have some of my grandma's quilts and one of them is now almost 47 years old. Her stitches were so close and even... they almost looked machine made, but they were not, you can be sure :)

    I would love to have her still with me today, and she could teach me all that she had learned.
    You could teach me too, if we just lived closer :)
    One day, I will learn how to piece quilts!!

    Love the sweet cabinet, and it's nice that you were able to get it on sale!!!
    Do you think you will paint it, or leave it as is??
    Do you think it's maple wood???

    Enjoy your evening, sweet girl.


  4. What a great cabinet, perfect for your fabrics!

  5. Oh, to have the patience for hand stitching! Your project are beautiful and I love the new cabinet.

  6. Your little quilts are so pretty and sweet. I love your cabinet too. I am sure it will look pretty filled with your fabrics and supplies.

    xo Danielle

  7. Such pretty quilt projects. What a fabulous cabinet and to get it half off...even better!! I'm loving your sneak peeks on instagram. Another social media addiction. I'm blaming my daughter and Laurie (Magpie Ethel) for getting me hooked.

  8. So lovely Heather! I'm loving instagram too and enjoying seeing your posts!! :) Your hand quilting looks amazing and adds such a sweet touch!! If you don't mind me asking (because I'm unfamiliar and don't know much about hand quilting and stitching) do you actual hand stitch the squares together and then do the hand quilting on top of that? Or do you use your sewing machine to sew the squares together and then hand stitch/quilt on top of that? -Sorry if that seems confusing. I'm just amazed by your beautiful work!! It's always so lovely!! :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet Heather!
    xo Holly

  9. So much loveliness!
    And lucky you for finding that cabinet, seems a perfect storage place for all things crafty!

  10. Oh-so-much prettiness! You've been a busy girl making all these lovely quilts & blocks :-)
    Happy Tuesday! Xx

  11. Your new hutch is beautiful! Are you going to paint it? I just love visiting your pages and seeing your pretty work!

  12. So sweet as usual Heather! Have a great week.

  13. Such pretty patchwork, Heather! And your new cabinet is lovely too, so glad you got it after all! It will be perfect to store your crafty things.
    Helen xox

  14. The Dutch pinwheel you made is so cute! I love those colors together. Getting everything to match is so hard. I sew everything up and pray as I am flipping it over it matches! Have a great week!

  15. Oh I just love all your fabrics! ♥

  16. Love your Sew Sweet Bee blocks - that's going to be such a sweet quilt! And the cabinet......what a little beauty! Can't wait to see how you fill it! xxoo

  17. Everything is just gorgeous. Love seeing all your work my dear.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  18. Love the print/color combos on your Dutch pinwheel and I'm admiring your hand-sewing too. xo

  19. I do like your vintage needle case, what an appealing thing. And how pretty the mini quilts are. (knitsofacto Annie)


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