Monday, September 1, 2014

catching up

 Hello Sweet Friends!
Happy September!! Hope that you are doing wonderful! I have been busy working away on projects, custom orders, and planning new fall and Christmas pretties for the shoppe. 
 I made a couple more hand sewn bow ties for my baby quilt that I am working on. They are quick and relaxing to make!
 I am catching up on my blocks for ZakkaArt's #handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. I have a couple more to go and then I will be caught up!
 I have been making some pretty custom Dahlia pot holders, which I really love making! I am thinking of doing some pretty autumn and Christmas ones. And, yes I am already planning Christmas early this year for my shoppe because time always just flies so fast after September, so I want to get a head start this year.
 I made this sweet vintage inspired Sunbonnet Sue needle keep for a dear friends birthday.
 The one on the right is the vintage one I used as my template. I made the flowers different using small felt circles, and added a some hand stitching to the bottom of the dress. I plan to make a few more as, they were so fun to make, and pretty cute!
 I came across these neat 1940's appliqué transfer patterns that I can't wait to try out! I really love the kitchen shelf tea towels.
 Found this cute painted farm table runner at the thrift store. I would love to stitch it up sometime, but I am not sure I will ever get to it now, I might just leave it or I was even thinking of making them into pillow covers. So, we'll see! ;)
And, I received some pretty mail from sweet Shay of Simply Sweet Fabric! Love all these colors!! You can find them all at her lovely shoppe!

Wishing you all a lovely week and start to the new month! I am so looking forward to autumn and cooler weather! How about you? Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me! xo



  1. Your creations are always so pretty and love to watch-a-long!

  2. beautiful needle keep…..!!!!!
    xxxxxx and happy september, Ale

  3. Mornin' Heather, It's so good to know someone who loves vintage patterns and actually uses them! That is awesome about you.......and I have to say I ADORE the farm scene table runner. It's precious....I would have bought that in a roosters crow~!! lol! Have a beautiful day~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  4. you have been a busy little bee! (I have bees on the brain right now.. check my blog in a bit to see why!) I love the quilt squares. and the fabrics you posted from your friends shop are really sweet... (like honey... the bee thing again..)
    Ive not been too terribly crafty lately.. but dying to get going on halloween stuff. Idid a couple things though!
    have a great week Heather

  5. How sweet are those needle keeps! I can't wait to see what else you are planning for fall and Christmas crafting.

  6. Heather, your quilt blocks and vintage inspired felt sunbonnet ladies all turned out beautifully! As always. You are truly talented. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Hello :)
    Love everything here!
    How thoughtful of you to make the darling pin keep for a friend. I'm sure that she loves it!

    Yay for cooler weather, and Fall's arrival.

    Smiles :)

  8. It's always fun to see what you're stitching up! My sister and I love the beautiful things you make. I went over the other day and saw one of your cute potholders hanging in her kitchen. You do such a wonderful job!

  9. So much eye candy! All these lovely things that used to be so common in people's homes. Now we pay for them!
    Enjoy your week

  10. Happy September!!! Love all your sweet things you've been working on! I'm excited for fall, Halloween and Christmas too! Enjoy your week sweet friend! xo Holly

  11. Lots of lovely things in this post! Love your new blocks and cute pin keep! Those new fabrics are gorgeous! Happy September dear Heather!
    Helen xox


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