Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a sweet doll quilt

I hope that you are enjoying the summer!I wanted to pop in to share this sweet custom order that I just finished for a doll quilt and pillow. I shared the process over on my IG but thought I should share it over here, too! ;)
I choose a simple four-patch as I wanted to highlight the cute prints with a pretty pastel pink for the solid, and hand quilted it with lots of love.
This is the backing which I just love!!
This is the darling baby bluebird pillow that I made to go with the quilt. It turned out pretty sweet! These are both on their way to their new home with a sweet little girl and her dolly. 
I can definitely see more doll quilts in my future!

Thank you for visiting with me today and wishing you a most lovely week! xo



  1. How pretty! I'm making doll clothes this summer but I would love to make some little quilts! I love these pretty fabrics too! Hugs, Diane

  2. Very sweet!! You make the prettiest treasures.

  3. This really is the sweetest doll quilt and pillow set ever -- what a lucky little girl!

  4. Hi Heather.
    Sweet job on the doll quilt and pillow!! That little girl is just going to love and treasure them both, I just know it!!

    Years and years ago.... in the 70's my mom took part in a program to refurbish old dolls to give to the less fortunate children. I can remember her scrubbing the dolls in the tub, drying their hair, buying new little shoes, and then sewing little outfits for the dolls. She would sew the dolls little night gowns, and dresses... etc..
    Thanks for this post... it brought back those sweet memories :)


  5. Your sweet and pretty creations are such an inspiration! I am so happy so see them! I have always loved doll quilts and pillows.

  6. Ohhhhhh - so cute Heather! I am just so inspired by your creations. I just love each and every sweet little detail! I have been quilting and it is so much fun. Lots of learning going on!

  7. Oh, Heather, this little doll bedding set is the sweetest! Your quilting is gorgeous! xo Erin

  8. Your doll quilt and pillow are so lovely. You do such amazing work. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  9. I completely missed this post and I adore the little pillow!

  10. That is so pretty Heather! Very delicate and your stitches are divine ; )

  11. One little girl is going to be so happy - this is lovely! And the bird detail on the pillow is so cute.

  12. Oh my Heather, your doll quilt and pillow where adorable.

  13. Your little doll quilt and pillow are just adorable! Your stitching is wonderful - great job.


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