Monday, February 10, 2014

some thrifty and cute treasures

Happy Sweet Day!
Hope that your weekend was lovely! Thank you all so much for your sweet and kind words on my new items!! You really know how to make my day brighter! I was so blessed by some amazing customers this month in my shoppe!! I am ever so grateful! I truly love my job!
It has been a busy week, and will be busy for the next couple weeks as I am working on some custom orders and getting some other sweet items put into the shoppe. So my apologies if I seem to a little quieter again. ;)
Over the weekend I went to an estate sale, which sometimes I wonder why I go when prices seem to keep getting higher and higher, but then if I didn't go this absolutely darling baby romper would not have come home with me! There really are somethings that just can't be left behind, even if you don't need it! 
These sweet handmade baby sweaters also made their way home with me! I need to find some cute vintage plastic baby hangers to display them all!
 Some pretty doilies, which are always on the top of my list,
 along with vintage linens. I love the design on this tea towel!
 Today at a couple thrift stores I found a Rand McNally Book, The Little Mailman of Bayberry Lane. So cute! Some thank you cards, vintage fabric,...
 a blue rose sheet, and...
vintage wooden hangers! Yay! I have been looking to get some more for my stash to re-purpose for my shoppe, so today was a good day! Have you found some lovely treasures lately? 
Well, I hope to be back later this week to show you my Valentine garland, which I am so late in making and putting up, but there is still the rest of the month to enjoy it, and maybe longer! ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful and crafty week!


  1. Hi Heather, What SWEET finds! I love those baby sweaters and the doilies and the vintage linen tea towel!! Everything you came sweet vintage! I enjoy old hangers myself. I love to vintage shop but haven't been out in a while. Between the bad weather and renovating the cottage, my time has been limited. I NEED to get out!!! or should I say I WANT to get out! Thrifting and Junking is the Best! Blessings~~~love your VINTAGE goodies~~~Roxie

  2. Nice finds Heather! Those baby clothes are the sweetest. I'll have to go and check out your shop to see what you've been up to.

    xo Danielle

  3. aww, such sweetness, I can only imagine the hands that made those precious little sweaters. love them. the design on the tea towel is beautiful. such great finds my friend.

  4. What a great haul! Wish I could find some of those hangers too. Love that vintage sheet and material.

  5. I love vintage baby clothing....especially booties!! Great finds!!

  6. Oh so many cute things:) Love all of the sweet little pretties! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Oh you lucky girl. I am still in the junkless land over here and so craving a good dig.

  8. That baby romper is adorable! You find the best stuff!

  9. Oh my heart. The baby knits! Too precious

  10. Wonderful treasures you got Heather! Love everything, the baby romper and clothes are too sweet to pass up and the doilies are so pretty!! :) Wishing you a lovely week!! xo Holly

  11. Great finds, Heather! That Mailman book is one of my favorite Rand McNally's! Did you see how cute the pig in it is??? lol Well, all the animals are! Nothin like animals in cute little clothes right?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)

  12. Sweet finds Heather! We just do not have any good Thrift stores near me. I love the little vintage book and the Tea towel.
    xo jan

  13. Some lovely finds especially the doilies and the pretty tea towel.

  14. OH those baby sweaters are darling! sweet finds! I cant wait for garage sale and estate sale weather again. oh heck.. I just cant wait til spring weather arrives! lol!
    have a great day

  15. your treasure hunting was a success! what cute things you've found.i love looking through estate sales and such-unfortunately i haven't been to any lately...have a super day :)

  16. Those wooden hangers were just waiting for you for you to rescue and give gorgeous makeovers. Those baby items are just wonderful. Such beautiful little sweaters. I have an antique baby sweater framed in my bedroom hanging on the wall next to my dresser. I found it after both girls were much too big to wear it, but loved it so. Have a wonderful week creating!

  17. I love the little romper suit, and all your sweet treasures today, Heather! The wooden coat hangers are quite a find too and perfect for you to work your magic on!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  18. Simply adorable baby clothes.
    What a great find!
    I love the embroidery work on the tea towel too. Such a pretty pattern.

    You have a great eye for special finds.

    Have a great time crafting, and a very happy day .

    Smiles :)

  19. That little bear romper is so adorable!! You always find the cutest things.

  20. Hi Sweet Heather,
    You hit the jackpot. I have noticed prices here are high at Estate Sales too.
    Everything is so sweet.

  21. It amazes me that vintage linens and hand embroidered pieces can still be found in thrift shops and flea markets at such reasonable prices at least in my neck of the woods. Great finds!

  22. Beautiful treasures! My favorites are the doilies and thank-you cards :-). Have a nice day!
    Nata xxx

  23. Hello lovely Heather, sorry if I have been a little absent here. You have been so lucky in your recent finds, wow, I love the gorgeous baby clothes aren't they sweet, and the gorgeous doilies and not to mention that really pretty teatowel. Oh my all the hours of hand stitching that went into that, isn't it beautiful though. I love the fact that it looks like it is actually set on a torchon?? I love all your pretty makes in your recent post and I am also so delighted that you are now on IG. Wishing you a very happy and creative week sweetie and happy valentines xoxo

  24. What a score. You found the sweetest baby cloths. I have been to a couple of Estate Sales lately that have been pretty good.

  25. Very darling baby sweaters! What a cute book :) I have been staying away from estate sales...I did stop at a thrift store and was disappointed...
    Happy Valentine's day!

  26. Great finds! I have been having no luck at all lately. That linen tea towel is lovely! Have a very Happy Valentine's day and a great weekend! :) --Fran

  27. Ohhhh vintage baby clothes! Those are all so cute!!!!!!! (And you already know I love wooden hangers.)

  28. Wow! You hit the jackpot for sure! I love the vintage baby clothes. So very, very sweet.....


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