Monday, February 3, 2014

some new treasures and shoppe goodies

 A happy sweet day to you! 
Hope that your weekend was lovely and that you have had a wonderful start to the week! Over the weekend I finally took the plunge and joined Instagram and I am lovin' it! If you are over there you can find me at vintagegreyhandmade
I haven't been able to get out to treasure hunt as much since the new year started, but last week I was able to stop off at a few thrift stores and came home with some lovely and cheap pretties! I was so excited to find a lace curtain as I have been wanting some for awhile. I wish I had them in every window!  
 A pretty vintage sheet with roses and sweet flowers!
 A lovely wooden accordion rack and it is already hung and adorned with a vintage crocheted hanger.
These cute transfers I got on ebay and can't wait to start stitching them up into some sweet tea towels for the shoppe, and maybe one for myself. ;)
And, my new items are all finally in the shoppe! There are lots of new goodies to sweeten up those wintery days!
I thought I was going to take a break from making my vintage tablecloth tea towels, but I just can't resist strawberries and roses! Along with those there are new embroidered tea towels and some pretty vintage fabric and feedsack teas.   
 Some lovely cross-stitched and embroidered rose pot holders.
 Sweet quilted vintage fabric pot holders
 Pretty rose table runners
 Vintagey sweet pillow covers
 Sweet heart coasters! These are a couple of the sets I made, and there are a few more sets which you can find here!
 Some lovely gift tags perfect for giving your gift wrapping a sweet vintage touch! These are a few sets and there are more which you can find here!
I am also offering one more made-to-order sweet kittens clothespin bag using this pretty picnic green floral reproduction print which you can find more about it here! I will be working on some new clothespin bags that will be in the shoppe soon, too!
Well, I am looking forward to catching up with you and seeing what you have been up to!
Wishing you all a most lovely and crafty week!! xo


  1. Well, you have worked a lot in the last weeks!!!! Congratulations for your beautiful works!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. I love lace curtains too! I have them in my bedroom :)
    I LOVE everything! Wish I had some "extra" money! With the wedding coming up this fall...I'm enjoying the one I bought last year!

  3. Oh my goodness just so many sweet things!! I just adore this post!! Love your new pretty lace curtain, it looks beautiful!! And I'm so happy you have instagram!! I'm just loving it too!! It's so fun! :) Have a lovely day!! xo Holly

  4. This is so funny. I was searching for you on instagram when the giveaway fabric arrived in the mail, and now you are on it... Yay! And you've been busy - so many beautiful creations for your shop. Live them all!

  5. Beautifull find and beautiful work,
    I'll look for you on IG its great

  6. You've been working very hard Heather. I love your embroidered towels, pot holders, peg bag and sweet gift tags especially and the lovely vintage fabrics you've used.

  7. What gorgeous makes, Heather. I am swooning over all your lovely fabrics and admiring your fabulous stitching. Happy to see you on IG.
    Hen xxx

  8. You've been a busy busy lady. You do such beautiful work. I need to share this post with my Mom.

  9. Oh, Heather! How many wonderful things you made! I can't work so much, I'm envious of your willpower!!! You are great!!! Bye Bye Anita.

  10. Oh so many pretties:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. Your work is amazing! I love your choice of fabrics! Thanks for the eye candy this morning.



  12. Such darling things you have been creating...I will try to find you on instagram ...I love it! Hugs for your Tuesday. xo

  13. What a fabulous array of beautiful creations. You are just the BEST at what you do!!

  14. Good morning Heather.
    Love the great finds. It does seem as though lace is getting harder, and harder to come by. Glad you found some for your home.
    You've been so busy, making so many beautiful things. I adore that clothes pin bag.... so sweet!!

    Have a wonderful day, filled with sunshine and happiness :)

  15. Fabulous...everything is just amazing Heather!

  16. WOW! You have been a busy bee. Everything is just gorgeous. I am drooling.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  17. I love that clothesline bag! It's adorable. You are so creative.

  18. Super cute as usual..and my oh my have you been busy. The tags are adorable.

  19. Lovely finds, and so many gorgeous new creations too, Heather! Love the tags and the hearts especially, but everything looks lovely here!
    Helen xx

  20. I love your curtains! I have been looking for some vintage ones for a while. My grandmother had them in every window and in the summertime the sea breeze would blow right through them. Precious memories. Love all of your handmades. This post has me dreaming of summer :) Have a wonderful night, Holly

  21. Heather, everything you make is just magical! Love those cross-stitch transfers - can't wait to see what you do with them.

  22. Heather, your work just gets more wonderful with each thing you make!!

  23. Beautiful fabrics! Oh and I love that first photo with the fine curtains, Heather, it's like a window to yesteryear ♥
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  24. Goodness Heather, you have been a very busy little bee. Everything is so beautiful! I must say, I love Instagram, too. So easy to just post a photo and a short blurb and get instant feedback. I do still love blogging and have made so many lovely friends. Just don't always have the time. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  25. Love the image you've used at the top of this post ... I have a 'thing' about waspishly curtained windows.

    I started out on Instagram with great enthusiasm but it's become just one more thing to keep up with ... hope you fare better.

  26. You make such beautiful things! Wish I could order one of everything!


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